Thames Valley Group prides itself on its reputation for Health & Safety, well known within the industry. We are affiliated to several compliance, training and educational bodies who complement our own culture. Through shared ethics, shaping and delivering collaborative operations on client property is something we take seriously.

Working closely with South Wales Safety Services, our consultants in the design and governance of safety systems we strive to utilise responsible messages and experiences to ensure Health & Safety is taken seriously. Building our culture is important to us, continuing to ensure everybody goes home in good health is where the bar is set, so we continue to strive to be the best we can, ensuring our people can be the best they can.

Case Studies

Initiative to use cognitive and blended learning to engage potential, and new, colleagues. Starter kits are given, including PPE, training route guides, health and safety guides, vocational access routes, planners, site diaries – all supported by software to support the briefs when required, backing up our key data securely.

Our social responsibilities are promoted through video and media, to drive our culture and ethical practice.

Yearly initiative ongoing, to brief all colleagues on new policy and procedure, as well as process and legalities. We also get a chance to re-dress  training refresher courses, uniforms, tools, and just as importantly – recognise great achievement and contribution of individuals in this area.

Addressing ill health through work through provision of further education, PPE, media, and literature. Ensuring people are aware of the signs and causes of ill health related to the workplace environment, and ensuring a support route is available to those affected.

Ensuring key HSE and medical board information is accessible through our business, and supported when reasonably practicable.

Hard hats when required to be worn, are colour coded to UKBuild standard, to easily identify our graded people, including supervisors, First Aid and H&S representatives.

In softer environments badges will identify credentials, supported by a cloud based support system to access relevant certification, qualification and RAMS, to ensure you can quickly identify the right person in an emergency or support scenario.

A red cross will identify the first aider who will have knowledge of emergency first aid, hospitals, and emergency service information.


We pride ourselves on developing a well trained and capable workforce.

Our Health and Safety manager has developed an efficient in house training programme.

Presentations include:

  • Work at Height Training
  • Work at Height Rescue

  • Puwer Operation Training
  • Banksman Operating Procedures

  • Safety Harness Awareness
  • Abrasive Wheel Awareness

  • Manual Handling Awareness
  • Emergency Procedure Training

We have the capacity to give all our operatives in-house training. As of 2015, all our operatives receive site safety awareness training, delivered from our in-house venue.

In our “In-House Demonstration Room” we can hold regular training sessions, and we can give our operatives familiarisation training on the equipment we use regularly.

It is important to us at Thames Valley Construction that our workforce is fully trained and knowledgeable of emergency procedures on site.